December 6–7th — Online

1st Workshop on neuromorphic photonics

Computing industry is rapidly moving from a programming to a learning area, with the reign of the von Neumann architecture starting to fade, after many years of dominance. Neuromorphic photonics has come forward as a new research field, aiming to transfer the well-known high-bandwidth and low-energy interconnect credentials of photonic circuitry in the area of neuromorphic platforms. The immense potential of neuromorphic photonics for energy efficient and blazing fast processing capabilities will be highlighted in this workshop by industrial and academic pioneers. Recent performance breakthroughs and technology trends will be discussed shedding light into several emerging applications areas.

The target audience is MSc and PhD students, researchers and industry leaders.


Dr. G.Dabos:

Dr. M. Moralis:

Online Poster Session

Young researchers and students are highly encouraged to leverage the opportunity of exchanging knowledge with academic and industry leaders by presenting a brief summary of their work in a 10-min presentation during the online poster session. More info will be provided in the upcoming days. For information about the review process please contact:

Dr. M. Moralis:

Organization Committee

The workshop will be carried out within the frames of the H2020 EU projects PLASMONIAC (, NEBULA ( and NEOTERIC (